Radio rumination

On this past Sunday the community choir that I am part of gave two performances of Bach’s “Magnificat,” along with a few lighter pieces. I was the bass soloist for the Bach. It was a challenging solo, for which I prepared intensely.

This morning, and again yesterday, two people I know have reported that they had heard announcers on two different radio stations talking about Mark Christensen’s solo singing, one of them recommending that anyone who meets me should ask me to demonstrate.

I don’t listen to local radio. When I have the radio on, it’s tuned to NPR–either the news and information branch or the classical music one–so I don’t hear the local talk shows at all.

It is very weird to realize that people are talking about me on the radio without my knowing it. I’m not sure what I feel about that. It’s sort of a feeling that someone else is taking over my public persona.

We all have people talk about us outside our own presence. But on the radio?

I have to think about this. I’m oddly off balance.


5 Responses to “Radio rumination”

  1. greyhairedcoed Says:

    Look at it as a compliment. You are famous! At least locally so far!

  2. Jack and Flip Says:

    I love that piece. You’re right, it is.not.easy. I am sure that you rocked the house, Mark.
    I also think that it grand that you got some on air love. Basses are not recognized nearly enough in the classical world!

    Go, you!

  3. Jack and Flip Says:

    SUCK. This is the third freaking time I have done this. It’s loralee. i’m helping a reader switch from blogger to wordpress and she is having issues, so I’m trying to help her. I’m still logged in.


  4. Mr. Mello Says:

    How awful it must be to have people say nice things about you to large groups of people. I will call those radio stations and complain. Clearly they don’t know what they’re talking about 😉

  5. Nicole Hughes Says:

    What’s next – a reality show?

    PS. It’s funny – I took one of my classes to a stage production of Of Mice and Men in St. Paul and I ran into Corey Hunt. Small world! He’s doing great…just thought I’d trow that out there. 🙂 Nicole Hughes

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