“Movie” magic

A couple of days ago I was in a film shoot. The community choir that I’m in was asked by a producer/director to participate in a music video–of werewolves.

I know almost nothing of modern music, so I don’t know whether Lo-Fi Sugar is important or nobody, but my choir ended up standing on a snow covered hill in fifteen below zero temperatures for a couple of hours making fools of ourselves as background while a pretty young woman with an wool-backed oversized guitar wandered around pretending to be singing and a man with some amusingly ghastly make-up and a guitar with a bayonet on its end also wandered around and werewolves were being shot by another man with even more dreadful makeup who was sporting a shotgun.

It was very funny.

It was also funny just getting there. The scene was shot under a bridge. To get there, the choir had to wade down a hill through deep snow and over a high snow bank. These middle to late middle–and maybe quite a bit past late middle–aged people were slipping, falling on their backs, falling on their faces, and laughing so hard you’d think they were all five year olds.

The director of the shoot thought we were a blast.

This is what we do for our art.


2 Responses to ““Movie” magic”

  1. Loralee Says:


    That is a total kick in the pants!!!!

  2. Natasha Says:

    That’s hilarious and really cool. I’ve never heard of Lo-Fi Sugar, but I hope you post a link to the video when it comes out!

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