finals week

I have perhaps two hundred papers left to read and grade by Friday. Despite that, I just spent three hours on one paper. One. It was so interesting that I had to write back to the author in the margins of her excellent essay, and things kept growing, and then I started to think about why I thought the things that I wrote to the author, and then started writing a response to her, and that grew into a couple of typed pages, and finally I woke up and thought “WHAT AM I DOING?!” And with the couple of pages my three hours had grown to four and I still have read only one paper so far today.

Do I, perhaps, have a time management problem?


3 Responses to “finals week”

  1. Loralee Says:

    I know that you are in a crush for time, but I love that you got so involved with it, frankly. I think that it will mean the world to that student as well.

    You’re the type of teacher that adults remember and recollect with respect and appreciation long, long after they have left your classroom.

  2. greyhairedcoed Says:

    I totally agree with Loralee! I remember savoring the comments you made on my papers, although I was never in the category of the writer you are talking about!
    Fortunate students to have such a caring instructor!!!

  3. Stacey Lillich Says:

    I must say I am dying to know what the paper was about!

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