On Saturday I auditioned for a part in the Lake Bemidji Opera Festival production of Carmen.  The audition went pretty smoothly, though my accompanist made a clunker on an important bass chord that pulled me off pitch for one note.I got a small role, and membership in the chorus.  Performances in July. 


3 Responses to “audition”

  1. Loralee Says:

    SWEET!!!! You got a role!

    Oddly, Carmen is a role I’ve never done. Weird, considering my voice type.
    It is a GREAT show for men. You’ll rock the house, Mark.

  2. greyhairedcoed Says:

    I am SO glad you are posting again! I had almost given up on you!

    Love the post about your method of teaching. You taught me so very much each class I had from you…. thank you!

  3. rosastanley26211 Says:

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